FAQ of Centres

Following questions & their answers will help you settle your queries regarding PRASHTECH CNC Live Centres.

Q 1. Will run-out increase on replacing Tip ?

Ans. No matter how many times you change Tip, run-out will never exceed 0.015 mm.

 Q 2. Will the tip slip in bench vice during replacement ?

Ans. As the Tip is to be held full tight in the vice it will not slip. Holding it full tight will not damage the Tip either. Thus ,across flat is purposely not provided.

 Q 3. Will the Tip get loosened while in operation ?

Ans. The tip is tightly secured with a preloaded bolt. This ensures that the Tip never gets loosened during operation.

 Q 4. Will the threads of draw bolt ever get damaged ?

Ans. As the bolt is concealed these threads are very well protected and do not get damaged.

 Q 5. What types of bearings are used in Prashtech Live Centres?

Ans. All Prashtech Live Centres contain three bearings arrangement
a) Cylindrical Roller Bearing
b) Thrust Ball Bearing
c) Deep Groove Ball Bearing

 Q 6. What is the maximum permissible job weight? What is the life of bearing arrangement ?

Ans.Kindly refer to load-speed characteristics graphs at MT3 page

 Q 7. Can Prashtech Live Centres be used continuously throughout the day ?

Ans. Yes indeed. They are designed for continuous duty.

 Q 8. Is greasing of bearings frequently required ?

Ans. Prashtech Live Centres are permanently lubricated using specialty grease. Thus subsequent greasing of bearings is not required.

 Q 9. Can coolant or dust get inside bearing arrangement ?

Ans. Since effective sealing is provided from all sides, nothing can enter inside.

 Q 10. What if the Centre gets hot during use ?

Ans. In Prashtech Live centres heat is generated due to presence of Oil Seal. It is not caused due to overloading of the bearings. So there is no need to worry.

 Q 11. Can Prashtech Live Centres be repaired and how ?

Ans.Yes , repairing Prashtech Live Centres is very easy when necessary. We provide servicing information against request.

 Q 12. What is the hardness of the Tip ?

Ans.The Tips are through hardened to 60-63 HRC ,and the Housing and Seal Plugs are toughened.

 Q 13. How does one order a Tip of specific shape as per one’s requirement ?

Ans. Just send us the dimensional sketch of the Tip of the required special shape, shown as fitted to the Live Centre.

Email : enq@prashtech.com

 Q 14. Does Prashtech manufacture Live Centres and Dead Centres of other standards such as JARNO TAPER, METRIC TAPER, etc ?

Ans.Yes we do, however a minimum order quantity is required .

 Q 15. How is the price of Prashtech Live Centres justified ?

Ans.For two reasons . First the basic product is service free. Second , just worn-out Tip can be replaced , thus bringing down the operating cost, machine downtime and component rejections. Hence Prashtech Live Centres are most economical.