How to Replace Tip?

Take out Live Centre from tail stock of machine and hold its Tip full tight in bench vice or chuck.(Fig.2) Maintain gap between its front face and vice top.

    1. Remove Seal Plug at the end of MT shank, by pulling. (Fig.1)
  1. Insert special Allen Key through a hole in shank to engage it with the Allen bolt inside. Rotate Housing if you find engagement of Allen Key difficult. (Fig 2)
  2. Use hollow pipe of specified length as a leverage to Allen key. Unscrew the Tip.(Fig.3). Take out entire centre from vice and remove loose Tip by rotating.(Fig.4) It is not necessary to thrust Allen key to remove Tip. Please note all threads are Right Hand.
  3. Clean spare Tip with cloth and not cotton-waste. Fit it by rotating in Live Centre. Hold it in vice as earlier and tighten using same leverage. Fit Seal Plug back in place. Now Live Centre is ready for use with changed Tip.With this simple procedure and basic care PRASHTECH LIVE CENTRES will give you trouble-free performance and controlled run-out.
  4. Leverage specified (Length of pipe):