Inspection Facilities

We at PRASHTECH strongly believe, One cannot control what he cannot measure !

Hence we have all the necessary standard measurement equipments / instruments to inspect each and every dimension that is produced. Separate sets are maintained at machines & Quality Control Department. Besides these we have many component specific inspection gauges, inspection mandrels, spline gauges,

receiving gauges, etc. All these are calibrated as per necessary frequency. For most of components we supply, we are self-certified vendor.

We hire external services for Ultrasonic testing, Spectro Testing, Chemical analysis of elements & physical test as applicable.

Few representative key equipment’s are demonstrated below.

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) 

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  • Measuring Range 700 X 1000 X 600 mm
  • Resolution 0.1 µm
  • Software – MCOSMOS-III (CNC)


Roundness Measuring Machine 

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Taylor Hobson Talyround 565LT
  • Column height = 500 mm
  • Max Diameter of Measurement= 435 mm
  • Max Loading Diameter = 485 mm
  • Rotation Accuracy = +/- (0.015 μm + 0.0003 μm / mm)
  • Straightness Accuracy = 0.25 µm over 200 mm
  • Parallelism Accuracy = 1 µm over 500 mm
  • Max Load Capacity = 75 Kgs


Universal measuring Instrument – Multimar 

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MAHR 4500002844 T- Multimar
  • Range : 100-260 mm with 4337120- 1086 R –Dial indicator Marcator
  • Range: 12.5 mm
  • LC : 0.001mm

2D  Vertical Measuring Instrument 

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MAHR Digimar 817 CLM
  • Measuring Range : 600 mm
  • Perpendicularity error: Frontal ≤ 6 µm
  • Resolution : 0.01/0.005/0.001/0.0005/0.0001mm (selectable)
  • with 1 X 1 mt Granite Surface Plate

Surface tester 

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  • Measures Surface Roughness values in Ra, Ry, Rz & Rq.

Radiation Survey meter 

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Pulsecho Systems microRAD
  • Low range radiation survey meter for Alpha, Beta,  Gamma and X Ray detection.
  • Standard Range 0-100 µR, 0-1mR, 0-10mR            0-100mR. & 0.-6, 0-60, 0-600, 0-6000 CPS.

Note:-Besides above list we have ROCKWELL Hardness Tester, Height Gauges, range of Bore Dials, Depth Micrometers, MT3, MT4, MT5 & MT6 Taper Ring Gauges, Sine Centers, Bench Centers, Electronic Weighing Machines, Graticule Magnifier, Digital Temperature Meter, etc.

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