With PRASHTECH Centres you can work efficiently on your lathe machines, copy-turning machines, CNC turning machines. TIP (Bullet) wear during machining the jobs with Center support, is an inherent problem associated with every Live Center. This causes higher run-out and damage to Center holes of the jobs machined. Moreover, productivity is reduced due to higher downtime. With PRASHTECH Live Centers you can easily replace worn out Tip in less than five minutes and resume machining operations immediately without any downtime. During the replacement the bearing arrangement is not disturbed.

PRASHTECH Live Centers have heavy-duty bearing arrangement that is designed for high-load, high-rpm conditions prevailing on CNC machines. For this three different bearings are used with effective preloading. These bearings are lubricated for life using specialty grease. Further effective Labyrinth type Seal is used. It does not allow coolant or machining dust to enter inside bearing arrangement. All these unique features contribute towards reliable, dependable and economical solution for work-support at tailstock end.

PRASHTECH Live Centers are manufactured in Morse tapers MT3, MT4, MT5 and MT6. Besides this, there is a choice of various shapes of Tips viz. Standard, Copying, Pipe and Custom-made. These can be used as spares with the Live Centre.

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